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Online Estate Agent Tips On How To Best Present Your Home To Sell Fast

The reasons for selling their home are different for every homeowner. Some are thinking of selling the property because the kids are grown and left home, and they want to downsize. For others, the family is growing, and there is a need for bigger quarters. As varying as the reasons may be, people will have a horizon for when to sell their homes. But how fast will they manage to sell the house when the time comes?


Getting it wrong when presenting the property is often the reason for most homes to remain listed in the property market for an extended period. The pricing may be right, but how the property looks may be discouraging potential buyers. As such, homeowners need to invest a bit on a few touch-ups to the place to make it an attractive offer to potential buyers. That is why staging is essential in the presentation of a home listed in the real estate market to help it sell fast.


According to experts in the estate agency business, staging is an indispensable and cost-effective part of the selling process. It is meant to show off the best qualities of the property and can even have a part in getting the best selling price. It is possible for every pound that goes into staging a home there be an increase of two pounds on the sale price or valuation of the home. To get it right with staging so that you present the property in a manner that has a pronounced first impression, you have to adhere to the following five rules:


  1.    De-Personalise

Do not view the property as users anymore, do your best to make the buyers picture themselves, in the house. So take away those frame photos of your wedding and family off the walls. To same to any other things that will be a distraction to the buyer preventing them from seeing the property as the new and ideal home for their family.

  1.    Modernise

Most home can do with a bit of updating. The exemption for this only applies to properties that have exceptional period built-ins. A house that looks or feels dates is bound to stay up for sale for a long time. Such a look also reflects the type of pricing potential buyers will offer, which is lower than you would expect. The change to modernise the place does not have to be expensive; it only has to be simple and trendy.

  1.    Sanitise

Keep the place clean, and it will look attractive to potential clients. It is the easiest and cheapest rule of staging a home. Floors that look dirty, staging furniture that is dusty, or an untidy kitchen sink or bathtub will be an unappealing statement you do not want for your buyers. Keep everything spotless, from the floors, walls, doors, and windows to the baseboards, appliances, and fixtures.

  1.    Neutralise

The colours you use can either make or break your efforts for bagging interested buyers fast. Your love for that brilliant red wall may not be what clients envision in their new home. Therefore, work with neutral colours can make the place feel warm and homey.

  1.    Maximise

Maximise the space, and you can start by decluttering your property. At times, homeowners will want to ensure their a few items they deem valuable laying out the house. However, these things can often be nothing but clutter. For instance, it is better to leave the closets empty as opposed to having them packed tight with belongings. Allow buyers to see the maximum potential or every room and space in the house.


If you implement the five rules of staging mentioned above, you can then go a bit deeper and put in some additional efforts in specific areas as suggested below:

  •    Kitchen

Update the cabinets and countertops. Remove the brass hardware on the wooden cabinetry and replace it with stainless steel or brushed silver to that the give the kitchen a modernised look. Consider refurbishing the sinks and faucets.

  •    Bedrooms

Use gender-neutral colours for the bedrooms and accessorise a bit to help achieve the best appeal possible. Work with the curtains, throw rugs, and bedspreads to strike the perfect balance.

  •    Bathrooms

Keep the toilet, shower, tub, walls, floor, shower curtain, cabinets, shelves, mirrors and countertops clean and sanitised. Also, ensure the room has ample natural lighting. Also, consider replacing the old faucets or refurbish them to give them a sparkling new lease of life.


This short guide has been prepared by Griffin Residential Estate Agents. To find out more, please visit their website at –




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